‘To all you readers, the truth is out there, let Journey with Jasmine be your guide’.

When my sister told me that Jasmine and JayCee would be starting a blog, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Becca had told me how Jasmine had educated her on topics ranging from feminism, racism and spirituality and I knew that the blog would be full to the brim of wisdom, thought-provoking opinions and intellect.

Journey with Jasmine has helped me to realise the power of the self. In a time of uncertainty (Brexit), incompetency of the highest order (Trump’s Presidency) and with the overwhelming sense of disillusionment, I implore any of you reading this to take your first step towards enlightenment. At times the truth can be uncomfortable (Happy Christmess) as it attempts to displace our moral compass on what society tells us is fact. Journey with Jasmine helps to ease this transition as each post inspires stimulating conversation starters, written with emotion, deep rooted knowledge and a lack of ego that is often missing from todays’ average lifestyle blog.

I look forward to reading each post knowing it has been drafted, redrafted and edited with an unapologetic passion to make the tricky subjects easily understandable for the reader.

To Jasmine and Jaycee thank you for creating a space for me to learn, grow and awaken.

To all you readers, the truth is out there, let Journey with Jasmine be your guide.