You need to cutttttttt it *O.T Genasis voice* 

You really do. 

The last 12 months have been such a profound period of change, realisation and ascension for both of us. The biggest lesson we’ve learnt is the importance of cutting the cord of attachment with things that no longer serve you, be it with family, friends or toxic relationships. When it comes down to it, everything is energy and it is so necessary to let go of these negative energies that do not serve your higher self.

How many times have you been left feeling drained or exhausted after having interactions with certain people (or as we like to call them ‘energy vampires’) around you? Ask yourself why that is?

It all comes down to the spiritual cords of attachment that still connect you to that person, often we go about our lives without even realising that these exist but are subconsciously contributing negative patterns to this cord and constantly being drained by them.

So what is a cord of attachment I hear you ask? 

In the simplest of terms, when we enter into a relationship with someone, be it romantically (especially ones that have sexual interaction), professionally or personally (both family and friends), an energetic cord is activated. This cord or energy stream circulates all of the negative patterns of that relationship: emotions, thoughts and behaviour. Whilst they drain you, they also send these negative patterns back and forth between you and that individual – often trapping you in traumas and leaving you feeling haunted by them. By cutting the cord on these relationships, you free yourself from all attachment or feelings of being trapped in the past and allow yourself room for new beginnings. 


Toxic: adjective. poisonous, venomous, virulent, dangerous.

At times, often through low self-esteem or the need of wanting to be loved – (gained from a mentally or physically abusive past relationship or a childhood where ones parents lacked the capability of showing the love and attention needed) we can find ourselves grasping tightly onto the first person that comes along and shows us any inclination towards “love”.

Specifically, when you are unaware of the toxicity of past romantic relationships and how they have in fact damaged your psyche, it is extremely easy to fall into the arms of an individual (who through a healthy perspective), you would be able to see is no good for you. So, without the capability or understanding of the necessity to cut cords from your past, it is an almost certainty that negative behaviours will continue to circulate your life in a cyclical motion, bringing with it a fleeting joy and lasting pain. 

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

In order to live your life to your hearts truest desires, you must confront this false evidence, for this fear is not who we are, this fear must not be allowed to define us. We must look at the man/woman in the mirror and reflect on the image with honesty, for to live a lie is to not live at all. Confront the pain from the past, and be real about the relationships you currently have. 

Are these relationships serving you? Are you constantly giving and not receiving in kind? Are you constantly listening and feeling like you’re never being heard?

Cutting the cords of toxic relationships is not an easy process by any means (trust us, we know), but a necessary one.

We’ve learnt that through spiritual practice, we can heal ourselves from the pains and traumas of the past and create space for new, healthier relationships to enter our lives.

Love and respect yourself enough to free yourself from your cords – whatever they may be.

– Jasmine Reinah and JayCee


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