Carnivore to Herbivore

A big part of my life involves me spending numerous hours in the gym! I’ve been training for 21 years and for 20 of those years I used to have a saying: “no meat NO MEAL!” The theory was simple: train hard, eat right.

Eating right in most bodybuilding programmes involves eating protein, protein and more PROTEIN! Chicken, turkey, steak, in which ever way I could get it. I would devour a plate in the blink of an eye, the theory being “I have a 1 hour window to consume protein to get maximum benefits”. I had long ago given up eating pork, but the idea of not eating chicken – I mean… that was just INSANE!

For years I used to say that one day I would like to become a vegetarian but I didn’t think I would ACTUALLY do it! That was until one evening whilst surfing the web, I came across a video by a man named Dr Sebi. That video and consequent videos would change my whole perspective on eating meat. I had seen the many videos on how badly the animals we consume are treated, how they are pumped with antibiotics and God knows what else. You know, we all have that one friend who turned vegetarian or vegan and they just feel the need to send you the most awful footage with the hope it would put you off meat!? Yeh, not me! I was still happy eating my chicken wings in Shepherd’s Bush after a night out in central! That was until Sebi.

I won’t lie, I didn’t turn vegetarian because I really cared for animals or the environment. I turned vegetarian because of the link that Dr Sebi made between what you consume and your intelligence. I’ve heard him say (RIP), that if he sees an individual eating rubbish, he wouldn’t even speak to them, because he knew they would be lacking in intelligence! (Paraphrasing).

The idea that what you consume could alter your intelligence had me! Through studying nutrition I was clearly aware of the link between eating junk food, saturated fats, refined sugars etc and intelligence, mood, but I’d never considered the idea that eating meat could also have a negative impact in this area, and how by eating certain herbs, you could improve memory, cognition and all round mental health.

A change was coming…


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